Center for Open Policing

Open Source Policing

Law enforcement data reveals trends and stories we should not ignore.


Modern policing tools generate large quantities of data which can help citizens effectively employ and manage their civil law enforcement agencies.


Police agencies face a “big data” challenge as personnel use more computers and cameras, and that data is near useless without thoughtful filters or analyses.


Some software is functionally deficient, but sometimes cultural norms in the law enforcement community serve to frustrate public access to critical data.


Thoughtful citizens can shape the policies, cultural norms and computer programming choices that control their civil law enforcement infrastructure.

Center for Open Policing obtains, analyzes and publishes critical law enforcement data.
Helping citizens oversee their police forces.

The Center for Open Policing is a Washington non-profit dedicated to police accountability and promoting public access to police records.

The Center is based in Seattle and operates throughout Washington state, with a keen eye on expanding our efforts.

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